Scarlet LeBeau

Alias/Nickname: River (one word name she is known by in the spiritual network)
Age: 26
Apparent Age: 26
Occupation: Occult Shop Owner/Medium
Good/Neutral/Evil: Good
Race: Human

Physical Description: 5'7", black hair, dark brown eyes, no scars, tattoo of a pentagram on her left ankle.

Personality Description: She has a very calm presence about her, a good listener, self-confident, passive, artistic, creative, intelligent

Dad - Graydon (carpenter, wood sculpter)
Mom - Nia (palm reader)
Brother - Jason (16, student)
Family lives in New Orleans

Brief History: Scarlet grew up in a household that was in tune with the spiritual world. Her grandparents had old world beliefs but her parents and herself are more modern. Scarlet has had the ability to communicate with spirits that others cannot see since she was a child. She learned the hard way not to advertise the fact at school or to most of her friends.

Moved to Denver when she was 19 to attend the university for an arts program. When she was finished she opened an occult shop.

Note: She is the only one of Humans/Vampires etc. in the game who can see and talk to spirits (other than those who are visible due to hauntings). Demons and Angels can also see spirits.

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