Rules & Guidelines


  1. No spamming the list. This includes jokes, virus warnings, chain mail, service or product endorsements, and any other form of unsolicited email that is not directly related to the game.
  2. Respect your fellow players. Do not flame, name call or make any derogatory comments. If you have issues with someone or something, deal with it off the list.
  3. Do not advertise other lists without prior consent of the list owner/moderator.
  4. All character requests must be approved by a moderator before you post for them.
  5. The preference is for players to choose a canon character as they are key to the initial story arc. However, originals may be considered and will require a biography if accepted.
  6. Posts for new members are moderated until players can demonstrate strong effort at spelling, grammar and character concept.
  7. No god-modding. This means that your character cannot be "all powerful" or have the answers to everything. Along with strengths, each character must have weaknesses too.
  8. No one-liners. Posts must be a minimum of 2-3 paragraphs. On the other hand, try not to make posts too long or readers will get bored.
  9. Post from a third person viewpoint and in past tense.
  10. When posting please use the following method for your subject lines:
    City/Place: Thread Title (Character tag: tagged character)
    Example: Littleton/Museum: Case 1 - The King and I (Meg tag: Yellow Eyed Demon)
  11. I encourage you to contact players off list to develop plot, story lines, and threads. If you wish to create a sub group for specific characters (i.e. a discussion list for villains to plot) I encourage that as well.
  12. Post a minimum of once a week if your character is not tagged and within three days if they are tagged to keep the story flowing. If you find the thread you are in is going too fast please feel free to contact a mod or the other players and we'll try and make it a good pace for everyone involved. If you do not post for 7 days we will contact you offlist, if you do not reply to that email after three days your character will be forfeit.
  13. Occasionally mods will make plot posts to throw in twists, NPCs, or to advance the time or weather.
  14. Spell check, spell check, grammar check, spell check.
  15. You cannot kill any character, even your own (except for made ups) without prior consent from the list owner.
  16. If you leave the list and do not inform the list, any character you have made up becomes the property of the list. If you do inform the group, we will ask you to write your character out of the story before leaving.
  17. If you have an idea for a major story arc, please review with the list owner/mods and any other characters involved.
  18. R posts are allowed in this RPG. However, they must be used to advance the plot, not just random acts for the sake of it.
  19. Only crossover characters from Buffy and Angel are being accepted at this time.
  20. If you have a chance read the file: The Basics of Good RPG PBEM Writing. They aren't rules or enforced (unless mentioned in this list) but they are good to review and learn from. The examples mentioned though are more for fantasy type games like Lord of the Rings.
  21. As a courtesy to all players in a thread please try to take turns posting. If two players are online and posting back and forth several times in a short period of time it doesn't give other players a chance to react and respond.
  22. Have lots of fun. Feel free to contact any mod off list at any time. We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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