Click on a character name for a biography of the character. Characters with no player listed are currently available. Buffy and Angel series character biographies have not been uploaded yet.

Supernatural Canons (Current)
  Sam Winchester (Human/Special/Hunter) - Star
  Dean Winchester(Human/Hunter) - Michael
  John Winchester (Human/Hunter) - Mellie
  Bobby Singer (Human/Hunter)
  Meg Masters (Demon/Undead) - La
  Azazel aka Yellow Eyed Demon (Demon) - Mod Character

Supernatural Canons (Future - introduced in season 2/3/4)
  Andrew 'Andy' Gallagher (Human/Special)
  Castiel (Angel) - Mod character
  Lily Harmon (Human/Special)
  Ellen Harvelle (Human/Bar Owner) -
  Jo Harvelle (Human/Waitress/Potential Hunter) - Jen
  Jake Talley (Human/Special)
  Gordon Walker (Human/Hunter)
  Ava Wilson (Human/Special)

Buffy Canons (Post Season 7)
  Buffy Summers (Slayer) - Sarah
  Faith Lehane (Slayer) - Jen
  Willow Rosenburg (Witch) - Michael
  Xander Harris (Construction Worker)
  Dawn Summers (Student) - La
  Daniel 'Oz' Osbourne (Werewolf) - Jen
  Kennedy Limon (Slayer)
  Rupert Giles (Watcher)

Angel Canons (Post Season 5)
  Angel (Souled Vampire) - Kyra
  Spike (Souled Vampire) - Peter
  Winnifred 'Fred' Burkle (Genius)
  Charles Gunn (Vampire Hunter)
  Krevlornswath 'Lorne' (Demon) - Jen
  Connor (Vampire Hunter)
  Gwen Raiden (Thief) - Kyra
  Drusilla(Vampire) - Kyra

Originals (Good)
  Eve Jordan (Human/Hunter) - La
  Tawny Larson (Human/Special) - Star
  Scarlet LeBeau (Human/Occult Shop Owner/Medium) - La
  Jade Reynolds (Human/Special/Hunter) - La
  Justice Reynolds (Human/Special/Hunter) - La
  Gabriel Santos (Human/Club Owner/Hunter) - La
  Kara Shephard (Human/Computer Genius/Student) - La
  Harley Tate (Vampire) - La

Originals (Evil)
  Drogan (Shapeshifter) - La
  Damian Ford (Vampire) - La

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