Player & Character Biography Forms

Character Biography

Original characters other than those already created for the game may be considered but there is no guarentee they will be accepted into the game. It will mainly depend on how creative and realistic they are as well as how they might fit into the game.

For made up characters please read the entry about Mary Sue characters on Wikipedia especially the section on 'Traits associated with the concept of the Mary Sue'. Please upload a photo of what/who your character resembles. Label the picture with your characters name.

No long-lost siblings or relatives for the Winchesters or any other canon characters.
Email your completed biography to the list owner (email address can be found at the game site on Yahoogroups)

Your Screen Name:

Character Name:
Alias or Nickname if applicable:
Apparent Age if applicable:
Race (i.e. Vampire/Human/Werewolf/Demon):

Physical Description:

Personality Description:


Brief History:

Sample Writing (2-3 paragraphs):

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