Gabriel Santos

Alias/Nickname: Gabe
Age: 36
Apparent Age: 36
Occupation: Owner and bartender of Devil's Trap, Hunter on the side
Good/Neutral/Evil: Good
Race: Human

Physical Description: 6'0", very muscular, brown hair, brown eyes, two inch scar in right shoulder blade from a knife wound, tattoo of Devil's Trap on lower back

Personality Description: Broody, tough as nails exterior, loyal, street smart, protective of those he cares about or the innocent.

Family: Unknown

Brief History: Was a pro wrestler with some minor fame in the WWE circuit. He was known by the stage name of Wolverine. Career was cut short by someone playing dirty to eliminate him as competition. They sent a demon after him who beat him and stabbed him in the back leaving him for dead.

He survived and has become a hunter. With the money earned during his career he opened the club and made other wise investments. Unknown to everyone around him (except Kara), while not immensely rich he is very very comfortable.

Note: Gabriel is the only character in the game with a significant amount of money. He has the most 'connections' to those not in the hunting business (i.e. celebrities, politicians, government)

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