Andrew Gallagher

Alias/Nickname: Andy
Age: 24
Apparent Age: 24
Occupation: None
Good/Neutral/Evil: Good
Race: Human/Special

Physical Description: 5’8”, short wavy brown hair, golden brown eyes, pale complexion

Personality Description: Fun loving, caring, a little immature at times, kind, little bit of a prankster, loyal

Brother (twin) - Ansem Weems (Human/Special)
Adoptive Mothing - Unnamed (Deceased)

Brief History: Andy was given up for adoption as a baby, and thus denied the knowledge of the existence of his twin brother, Ansem Weems. As with Sam and Dean, his adoptive mother died in a housefire when he was a baby. Later in life, he developed the ability of mind control, using it to attain anything that he desires. However, he still follows some morals, such as not using his ability to influence Tracy, the woman that he likes.

Andy has a psychic power, his being mind control. At first, he is only able to use this ability vocally, but later is able to do so mentally. He is eventually able to expand his ability, allowing him to project images into people's heads. However, his ability is useless against others like him.

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