Case 5 - Springfield, Oregon

Known Information – Springfield, Oregon (population 159, 000) - From tabloid newspaper the ‘Springfield Shopper’ (on par with the Enquirer). Doctors at the Springfield General Hospital are baffled after reporting sharp increase in the number of cases of jaundice. They state numerous patients claim to have been bitten by recently deceased family pets returning from the dead.

Information Hunters can find in Springfield: Patient zero appears to be Matt Brooks, a safety inspector at the local nuclear power plant.

Note: Obviously this case is a tribute to The Simpsons so please no references to the show in this thread like ‘Wow, this is just like that tv show The Simpsons’.

NPC Characters played by Moderators: Matt Brooks (nuclear safety inspector and patient), Dr. Nick Monroe (doctor), Tress Spuckler (12 yr old patient), Dolphin Starbeam (cemetery caretaker), Jeff Albertson (40 yr old patient)

Assigned Hunters - To be determined.

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