Case 4 - Dallas, Texas

Known Information – From a newspaper article dated May 23, 2006 in Dallas, Texas. Police are baffled by a sharp increase in attempted bank robberies by ordinary citizens who claim no memory of the incident afterwards. The robbers are always male and carrying a 1930’s Browning automatic rifle which is never recovered at the scene. In one incident the robber attempted to kidnap a teller, Bonnie Thornton, but the girl managed to get free.

Information Hunters can find in Dallas: Police kept this part out of the paper but each time the robber shouts ‘Gone but not forgotten’ just as police arrive and then collapses on the ground with no memory of the incident.

NPC Characters played by Moderators: Frank Gault (pawn shop owner and first robber), Bob Oakley (antiques dealer and second robber), Prentiss Hamer (High school history teacher and third robber), Henderson Alcorn (lead police investigator)

Assigned Hunters - To be determined.

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