Case 3 - Greyson, Oklahoma

Known Information – From a newspaper article dated July 30, 2006 from a mid-sized city called Greyson, Oklahoma north of Tulsa (population 76,000). An increase in bizarre deaths of a group of people who miraculously survived a tornado on June 10th, 2006. The tornado hit a local high school on the day of graduation but several of the grads had not been in attendance after one of their friends, Judy ‘Jude’ Fleming, claimed to have had a vision of tragedy. Of course none one believed her but she called in a bomb threat the morning of graduation so the school was evacuated and when the tornado hit there were only a couple of casualties.

Some of the bizarre deaths include:

Billie Bolger & Jack Morgan - died when a group of students were having a field party to celebrate their miraculous survival when a windmill suddenly collapsed on them.

Emily Haley – died when she was shoe shopping and an out of control car crashed through the storefront sending glass flying. She was impaled through the heart to the wall by a large shard of glass.

Maggie Gale – died when she was working in a candy store and was partially decapitated when her hair got caught in one of the candy making machines.

Information Hunters can find in Greyson: Judy had a case of chicken pox and had her vision after her fever spiked to 104. She would not have been able to attend the graduation anyway.

NPC Characters played by Moderators: Judy ‘Jude’ Fleming (student), Linda Fleming (mother), Frank Lyman (school principal), Victor Langley, Clara Hamilton, and Noel Ryerson (students who were supposed to be at grad), others as needed

Assigned Hunters - To be determined.

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