Case 2 - Torboog, Kansas

Known Information – From a newspaper article dated August 10, 2006 from a small town called Torboog, Kansas (population 36,000). Residents of a new housing development in the town are baffled becuase an unusually large number of children have developed insomnia and anxiety disorders all claiming the boogeyman is responsible and has been haunting/terrorizing them. They claim he usually appears as a squat, hairy ape-like creature but that he can change his appearance.

Information Hunters can find in Torboog - In 1880 in the Red Hills area of Kansas, about 40 miles southwest of Dodge City a huge parcel of land was once owned by Scottish farmer Torboog Elias Mann who everyone called Boog. Despite suffering from hypertrichosis, Boog was respected in the small community known as Huntsville at the time due to his generosity and kindness. As Boog, who had no spouse or children, grew older and could no longer farm his land himself he made a deal with his neighbour, a young newcomer, that if his neighbour famed his land for him for free for the rest of Boog’s life then Boog would leave a quarter of his land to his neighbour. The neighbour quickly agreed, but a very short time later killed Boog and got the land. The rest of the land was taken over by the town and the town renamed after Torboog.

Afterwards no crops would grow on the land taken by the neighbour and bad things happened to people who stayed on that land. Now in 2006 there is new housing development and a new elementary school on the land that has helped increase the population of the town. Strange things have been happening though.

Note: None of the Hunters know this additional information before going to Torboog.

NPC Characters played by Moderators: Steven Kingsley (Mayor), Joanne Murray (single mother), Jessica Murray (8 year old child), others as needed.

Assigned Hunters - To be determined.

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