Case 1 - Littleton, Colorado

Known Information – From a newspaper article dated August 15, 2006 from a small city called Littleton, Colorado (population 50,000). A third employee is missing from the History of the World Museum. The first two went missing three weeks before the newspaper article was printed but no foul play was suspected at the time. Martin Burton the museum’s curator (age 42) and Taylor Benson one of the research assistants (age 24) went missing one night when it was thought they had been working late at the museum. Rumours had been circulating among staff for a couple of months prior that the two were having an affair and police suspected that based on this they had simply run off for parts unknown. The third employee, a security guard named Joseph MacDougall (age 55), went missing during his shift. Strangely, the windows and doors to the museum had been locked from the inside.

The museum had helped put Littleton on the map as a tourist destination due to its new attraction, “The Unknown King of the Sixth Dynasty” which had been donated by an unknown benefactor. The display is a richly decorated Ancient Egyptian sarcophagus with a mummy believed to be that of an unknown Pharaoh who ruled during the 6th dynasty. It is accompanied by a larger, less ornate coffin with the mummies of several members of his household. One item that makes the attraction so significant is the presence of the royal crown and Nemes headdress with the king along with his crook and flail. No other royal crown has ever been discovered to date despite their countless depictions in royal portraits.

NPC Characters played by Moderators: Elizabeth Richards (assistant curator), Kenneth Cole (police detective)

Assigned Hunters - To be determined.

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