Alias/Nickname: La
Characters: Dean Winchester, Eve Jordan, Azazel (aka YED), Justice Reynolds, Jade Reynolds, Castiel, Angel

Temping: Damian Ford, Gabriel Santos, Ellen Harvelle

RPG History: I have been involved in RPG's for about ten years now starting out on Onelist which was the precursor to Yahoogroups. My first game was a Star Wars: Phantom Menace game where I played Qui Gon Jinn as well as various original characters, one of which I have been using the name as my screen name ever since. The genre’s I have played in are Lost, Buffy, Angel, Charmed, Smallville, Firefly, Roswell, Heroes, Star Trek, Xmen, Pirates of the Caribbean, Xfiles, various crossover games, and a couple of original games. I tend to favour games based on tv shows or movies. This is my first foray into a Suerpnatural RPG since I only recently started watching the show when I bought the Season 1 & 2 DVDs. I am not currently looking to join anymore games since I have as many as I can handle right now.

Random Questions:

Q. What do you want done with your body when you die?
A. Encased in cement and put on display at Disney World.

Q. If you could have any animal for a pet?
A. Unicorn

Q. What is the worst song you've ever heard?
A. It's Raining Men.

Q. What is your favourite board game?
A. Balderdash

Q. What's the wackiest thing you did as a child
A. Letting about 100 frogs into the basement.

Q. Do you write in cursive or print?
A. Nothing that can be clearly labelled as either of those two.

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