This page contains names and descriptions of key locations for the game as well as the location of the cases or threads in progress.

The Devil's Trap - This popular underground goth/vampire club is located in Denver, Colorado. It is owned by Gabriel Santos who uses it in part as a front for the activities of the Hunters who see it as a nexus for sharing information and receiving case files for suspected supernatural phenomenon. Other than the hunters and their associates no one knows about this set up. The general population, regular patrons, authority figures, and even demons and other beings believe it to be a normal underground club.

Caritas - A karaoke bar where patrons can sing and get a special 'reading' from the club's owner. The location is heavily spelled to be a violence free zone and is a haven to all regardless of being human, vampire, demon, or other.

The Roadhouse - A western style watering hole owned by Ellen Harvelle that is located near the Nebraska/Colorado/Kansas border in a small, off-the-map, town called Deviadormus about 15 miles west of Benkelman. It is a gathering place for hunters who have been in the game longer than the new generation of hunters that has been cropping up. The Winchester family has strong ties to the place as well as those who call it their home away from home.

The Leaky Cauldron - An occult shop owned and operated by Scarlet LeBeau that is located in Denver, Colorado near the University and down the street from 'The Devil's Trap'. This is no 'new age' shop you might find in the typical city that is targeted to tourists, this is a place where those who follow 'the craft' come for supplies and to share their knowledge.

Lawrence, Kansas - Birth place of Sam and Dean. This mid sized community is where it all began for John and his sons. After the murder of Mary Winchester by the Yellow Eyed Demon they moved on and rarely came back as John spent his entire life after that point focused on getting revenge for the death of his wife.

The Place With No Name - A name known only to the most knowledgable of Hunters. Eve Jordon has heard the rumours about it and knows it is a real place but only John, Bobby, and the Yellow Eyed Demon know exactly what and where it is.

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