John Winchester

Alias/Nickname: N/A
Age: 50
Apparent Age: 50
Occupation: Hunter
Good/Neutral/Evil: Good
Race: Human
Physical Description: 6'2", dark hair with grey, brown eyes, average build

Personality Description: John is very intense and very focused which can sometimes be detrimental to the welfare of his kids. He is driven and can be authoritative but his heart is good. He loves his family and would die for them without a second thought. There is an underlying melancholy to him that he hides from his sons. Like Dean, he often sees things a little to black and white.

Wife - Mary Winchester (Deceased)
Son - Dean Winchester (Hunter)
Son - Sam Winchester (Special/Hunter)

Brief History: He is a former Marine. His wife Mary was killed when she was engulfed in flames brought upon by an evil demon. After this tragic event, John set out to travel the country with his sons hunting as many evil supernatural forces as he could in hopes of one day finding the demon that killed his wife. His son Sam eventually went to Stanford college and John continued his quest with his son Dean until eventually John left him without a trace. He spent the next days watching over his sons in secret as they continued the quest that he had begun. Meanwhile, he continued the search for information on the demon that killed his wife. Eventually, he reunited with his sons in a battle with the demon.

Notes: Note: John has the most knowledge when it comes to using weapons. He is the best tracker of all the human hunters.

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