Jade Reynolds

Player: La Alias/Nickname: J
Age: 25
Apparent Age: 25
Occupation: Student
Good/Neutral/Evil: Good
Race: Human/Special

Physical Description: 5'10", blonde hair, dark brown eyes, very toned figure from gymnastics and cheerleading in high school.

Personality Description: Vibrant and extroverted, she is a popular girl but she is genuine so is well liked by everyone who meets her. She is kind, generous, and a romantic at heart. Despite the events at high school she is naive of what it means to struggle or just how evil people can be which can get her into dangerous situations.

Mom - Deirdre Reynolds (dental hygenist)
Dad - John Reynolds (dentist)
Brother - Justice Reynolds (Special/Hunter)

Brief History: Had an average childhood with fraternal twin brother Justice. The high school they attended had more than its share of unusual supernatural occurrences that adults seemed to be blind to. Justice and Jade started to become Hunters around age 16. Their parents have no idea about any of it.

About a year ago, Justice and Jade both started developing abilities. Jade is a technomage meaning she can communicate with eletronic devices and manipulate them by touching them.

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