Harley Tate

Alias/Nickname: Hannah Widmore
Age: 107 (25 alive, 82 undead)
Apparent Age: 25
Occupation: None current, former silent movie film star
Good/Neutral/Evil: Good
Race: Vampire

Physical Description: Statuesque beauty, brown hair, blue eyes, classy loooking, 5'7", lean

Personality Description: Withdrawn, melancholy, gentle, nervous, trying to prove she is good but is plagued with self doubt since she feels the others still don't fully trust her.

Family: Father and mother deceased (natural causes), sister Prudence (deceased)

Brief History: Silent Movie film star in the early 20's. While not as famous as some of her peers like Lillian Gish and Mary Pickford she still had many roles and enjoyed a lavish lifestyle. Enjoyed parties and cocktails and being out on the town. Enjoyed the men around her but never committed to anyone in particular.

During the last two films she made she had the sense that someone was watching her and following her. The studio put extra security detail on her but tragedy struck in the form of Damian Ford. A vampire who coveted Hannah and wanted her as his own he broke into her home one night, killed the security, kidnapped Hannah and changed her so that she would be his. He also gave her, her new name.

He treated her like he owned her and being naive at the time she didn't know what else to do. Over time she grew out of that naivity and around 1980 she started going off on her own for weeks at a time. She would meet other vampires and hunt with them until she met a group who forswore drinking from humans.

She finally felt like she found where she belonged and joined their group, leaving Damian. He found her and killed the rest of the clan. She escaped and he has been searching for her ever since.

She started hanging out at Devil's Trap because she felt she at least fit in in a way with the vamp wannabes and goth types. Eventually Gabriel figured out she was a vampire but had seen she wasn't like other vampires so he lets her hang out and she returns the favour by telling him if any patrons are vampires or demons.

Note: Harley is the only one of the vampires and humans who can tell who is human, vampire, or demon just by looking at them. She doesn't know what Lucius is but she can tell he is different.

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