Gordon Walker

Alias/Nickname: N/A
Age: 39
Apparent Age: 39
Occupation: Hunter
Good/Neutral/Evil: Neutral
Race: Human

Physical Description: 6’0”, black hair, dark eyes, muscular, lean

Personality Description: Intense, driven, focused, sees things as black and white, believes the ends justifies the means, crafty, skilled tracker and fighter, obsessive

Sister - Unnamed (deceased)

Brief History: Gordon Walker was 18 years old when a vampire broke into his house and attacked his sister. Gordon grabbed his father’s shotgun, attempted to free his sister, and then finally shot at the vampire. The vampire threw him across the room, knocking him unconscious, and abducted his sister. When Gordon regained consciousness, the vampire and his sister were gone.Gordon ran away from home learning to fight, hunt, and kill vampires. He eventually found the vampire that had taken his sister and killed it. He also killed his sister, as she was then a vampire. This marked the beginning of his hatred for the undead. At some point during his career as a hunter, Gordon Walker met John Winchester and Ellen Harvelle.

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