Eve Jordan

Alias/Nickname: Evie
Age: 27
Apparent Age: 27
Occupation: None current
Good/Neutral/Evil: Good
Race: Human

Physical Description: 5'9", toned musculature, lean, wavy brown hair, hazel eyes, freckles, a couple of minor scars from hunting incidents

Personality Description: Extroverted, outspoken, sassy, nomadic, has a softer side that can be seen mostly when it comes to kids in trouble, sometimes abbrasive, has faith that there are good things out there to balance out the evil, loves the outdoors.

Family: Parents (Sarah and Michael) died in forest fire while camping with friends when Eve was 22.

Brief History: Spent a lot of time around grown ups. Moved frequently when she was young which makes her restless when she is in one location for too long. Went to numerous schools growing up and made a few friends but no one close. Went to community college for tourism but dropped out when her parents died.

After her parents died she started encountering things of a supernatural nature and met some hunters at the Devil's Trap. One of them saved her life and she became a hunter as well. The more she learns, the more she becomes suspicious of the events surrounding her parents death so she is determined to find the truth.

Note: Eve is the most knowledgable when it comes to geography. She knows where most of the hunter hangouts are and demon ones as well. She knows which hunters and demons tend to frequent where and even what some of their habits are such as who they tend to associate with.

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