Alias/Nickname: Shapeshifter (as most do not know his name)
Age: Unknown
Apparent Age: varies
Occupation: None
Good/Neutral/Evil: Evil
Race: Shapeshifter
Physical Description: Varies depending on who he is impersonating. File photo will change depending on what he looks like at the time in the game.

Personality Description: Menacing, sneaky, sly, shallow, vengeful

Brother - Shapeshifter with unknown name from season one episode 'Skin'

Brief History: Drogan and his brother were born with a genetic mutation that gave them a deformed physical appearance in their natural state but also gave them the ability to shapeshift and form a psychic link with those they impersonate. The eye flares in video and pictures has led to speculation that they have some demon blood.

This also makes it so they do not age as normal humans. Their life expectancy is unknown as is their true age.

At one point during their adolescence they were part of a travelling 'freak show' that toured Europe and parts of Asia. This caused a lot of anger and resentment against regular humans. One night they killed the owner of the show and stole his money and fled for parts unknown.

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