Damian Ford

Alias/Nickname: N/A
Age: 160 (30 alive, 130 undead)
Apparent Age: 30
Occupation: Thief, previously a gunslinger and train robber around Fort Dodge, Kansas
Good/Neutral/Evil: Evil
Race: Vampire

Physical Description: 6'2", dark brown hair, hazel eyes, muscular build, a few minor scars here and there.

Personality Description: Manipulative, possessive, arrogant, a leader, cruel, lives by a code though

Family: All deceased (various causes)

Brief History: Damian grew up in an abusive household with an alcoholic gambling father and a mother who was too meek to do anything about it. He was the second oldest of seven children. They were poor so he turned to thievery at a very young age to help support his family. He secretly bought and gave food to his hungry siblings.

When he was older and on his own he expanded into train robbery until he was drafted into the American Civil War during the last year of the war. He fought in the Battle of Mine Creek on the side of the Confederates who lost. The battle invaded vampire territory and as a result some of the casualties were actually soldiers being changed by vampires.

He lived a lawless life of chaos and mayhem. In 1924 he saw silent film star Hannah Widmore and coveted her, wanting to make her his possession. He stalked her for a year before breaking into her house one night, killing her security people and changing her.

Since then he has continued to live a lawless life and has become leader of a vampire clan in California. Hannah whom he renamed Harley after changing her, left him and he has been hunting her down ever since. He found her once with a group of vampires that did not drink human blood and killed them all but she got away.

Note: Damian is the most stealthy character in the game and the best thief. He is very rarely caught unless he wants to be. He is skilled at blending in and not being detected.

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