Bobby Singer

Alias/Nickname: N/A
Age: 50's
Apparent Age: 50's
Occupation: Salvager
Good/Neutral/Evil: Good
Race: Human

Physical Description: 6'1", greying brown hair and mustache, green eyes, sturdy build

Personality Description: Bobby is highly knowledgable when it comes to things of a supernatural nature. He has street smarts but tends to be solitary when not hunting. He is respected for his knowledge and skill. He is not rash or impulsive and is thorough in his research. He can see the shades of grey and has a deep respect for life.

Family: Wife (deceased)

Brief History: Although a Hunter like the Winchesters, Bobby does not lead the same nomadic lifestyle and is fairly stationary. He became involved in the hunt when his wife became possessed and he was forced to kill her, because of his lack of supernatural knowledge at that time. He seems to have amassed quite a bit of knowledge over the years (being the first to deduce on his own that Meg was in fact possessed), plus his house is full of bookcases and stacks of books about the supernatural world and the things hunters go after. He and John Winchester were old friends, though they had a falling out at one point. They seem to have gotten past it though.

Note: Bobby has the most knowledge of the Supernatural and the most physical resources (books, parchments, talismans, etc)

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