Alias/Nickname: Yellow Eyed Demon
Age: Unknown
Apparent Age: Late 40's
Occupation: N/A
Good/Neutral/Evil: Evil
Race: Demon

Physical Description: 5'10", short dark greying hair, yellow eyes, lean, pale complexion

Personality Description: Malicious, cunning, devious, vengeful, arrogant, powerful, highly intelligent

Daughter - Meg Masters (Demon)
Son - No Name (Demon)

Brief History: For many years Azazel has been preparing and building an army for the coming war between Good and Evil. He has been locating children with special abilities and giving them a sort of dark baptism with his own blood. Sam is one of these children and on the night he went to baptise him, Azazel killed Sam's mother, Mary Winchester.

Ever since that night, John Winchester has made it his mission to the point of obsession to destroy Azazel. Azazel send his daughter in the body of Meg Masters to locate and track the Winchesters in order to obtain the Colt from them, finish his job with Sam and kill both John and Dean.

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